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We offer 2 class for our minis, Ballet and a combination class which includes jazz, tap, hip hop singing, music and free movement. This is a great starting class for a little one as they start to learn dance techniques through the use of dance play based activities. 



We have various stretch, technique and turn classes that will expose our students to world renowned programs and choregraphers 

These classes are essential for our students that are training at an elite level and looking towards a career in the performing arts Industry.

2023 will also see the exciting new International Dance technique syllabus being used throughout all technique classes


A class using the elements of traditional jazz technique (eg turns, jumps, kicks, and leaps) sharp movements, fast footwork & music. We also incorporate hip hop & funk into this class to create an all-around jazz dancer.



This is a fusion of jazz & ballet. It is unique and powerful, utilising a technical base & core strength to produce a passionate, fluid & original style of dance.



Students will learn rhythm, body percussion, technique and routine in the FATD tap styling and syllabus. It is renowned across the globe as the leading tap styling. Students will also learn street tap with toe jumps, slides & holds along with wings and low fast combinations utilising cross phrasing and acapella.



This is a dancer's technical base. It teaches carriage, deportment, grace, strength, turn out & all technique. Our students study the RAD syllabus & Open work, recognised throughout the world.



This class has been added to improve the student’s pointe shoe work.  It is solely dedicated to improving their strength and technique for pointe work.   As we are limited in Grade classes this class has been designed to refine their pointe work.  This class is available to students from Inter-Foundation ballet and up.


This is a conditioning class designed to improve flexibility along with body & core strength – which is vital to any dancer across all styles. This class dramatically improves your dance as it is essential to keep your body supple & strong. This class can also help to avoid injuries – the dancers No#1 enemy. A dancer is an elite athlete, and hence we must train our bodies to be able to stand up to the rigours we put it through. This class is a must for anyone that studies dance & the performing arts.



Lights, Camera, Action! Yes, this is where it all happens. This class is a wonderful addition for any performer, or even for students that want to gain confidence in life and school work. Drama classes focus on speech, diction, body movement, theatre and stage direction, dramatic & screen work. Learn theatre sports, how to read scripts, perform plays, learn the audition process and much more.



Acrobatics involves a combination of warm up, strength work, tumbling & aerials. Students will work at their own level and enjoy the fun and free fall of mats. Challenge yourself to be a dare devil. This class is designed to fit in with dance, so all classes are based around dance orientated movements and combinations. It is a sports acrobatics tumbling class with no apparatus. It teaches stretches and holds that build to recognised moves of acrobatics eg. walk over, round off, somersault, aerials. As their ability increases, they progress through their training.

2023 will see the brand new exciting syllabus of Acrolink by Greta Brinsley



This class is for the serious dancer only. Students must be dedicated and understand that this is a commitment and that they will be required to perform at various shows and events during the year. The Company will also be representing the studio at local eisteddfods. This commitment must be a shared one of the student & parent. This is a really exciting and prestigious position within the studio. Students wishing to join company should study ballet, jazz and or contemporary as a minimum requirement. Routines will be in all dance styles that complement your studies. See the studio principal for more information.


All of our teachers are fully trained & experts in their field. They bring an amazing amount of experience for our young dancers to learn from. This is an extremely exciting time & I encourage all students to challenge themselves, give something a go you never dreamed you could do. We have the stars of tomorrow in our midst.


Contact us  for more information or enrol now



Dream. Believe. Succeed.



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