Lace up oxford tap fitted with ACOU-TECHS toe and heel tap plates which give an amazing full, clear and crisp sound.


  • These shoes are a medium fitting and available in childs sizes US12-2.5 and adults sizes US3-8.5

    The cms measurement shown is the insole length of shoe.

    Please see sizing image.

    We always recommend that you firstly measure the foot to assist in choosing the correct shoe size. We have included some instructions below which we find provides the most accurate measurement.

    • 1. Place a piece of A4 paper on the floor making sure the back edge is against the wall.
    • 2. Place the foot on the paper with the back of the heel touching the wall.
    • 3. With a pen or pencil mark the paper at the end of the longest toe.
    • 4. Measure in centimetres from the wall to your mark on the paper for the actual foot length.


    When choosing your size our customer feedback suggests the following allowances should be added to the foot length for comfort and growth:

    • Tap Shoes : 0.5cm for Classic Buckle Tap, Lace Up Oxford, Grafficks Oxford, B+W Oxford and Buckle Pro styles