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Why Two Ballet Classes A Week?

Hi tribe,

You only have to look at the posture, poise and grace of our stunning senior girls to see the benefits of two ballet classes a week. Their artistry in performance and disciplined bodies are the result of a strong foundation in ballet that began when they were around the age of six.

As the director of a studio that prides itself on quality tuition I wanted to explain why two ballet lessons a week are so valuable and why investing in these classes may save your child disappointment down the track.

Classical ballet is the foundation of all theatrical dance styles. It is also the most difficult. Two lessons a week builds greater confidence in the student and ensures proper development in technique and strength.

Classical ballet has a methodology taking into account the training of the entire body. Working to form the body from the inside out, classical technique ensures the dancer feels secure and confident in ability. The body needs to be trained slowly and muscles built carefully for maximum potential in both strength and flexibility. This simply cannot be achieved in an hour a week.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than students’ disappointment when faced with the realisation they have not developed a strong enough foundation to go further with their dancing.

Industry’s ballet teachers are professionals trained in classical ballet. In order to teach they were also trained in classical ballet from a young age. Our studio encourages you to allow your child the freedom to try all styles of dance. While certain technical elements of dance are introduced around the age of six, more difficult technical work is not introduced until they are stronger, usually around the age of eight.

We teach the ballet syllabus set out by the Royal Academy of Dance. The RAD also recommends students participate in two ballet classes a week to properly cover the syllabus.

Exams are not compulsory however RAD ballet exams do promote discipline in our dancers and help children learn how to set significant goals and work hard to achieve them. It’s a very worthwhile process and a pure delight to watch the students grow in confidence as they improve from year to year.



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