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I’m incredibly excited to let you know we will be holding our annual concert, Elements 2018, at Seagulls at 630pm on November 28. That’s right, we’ll be performing at a wonderful venue right here in Tweed Heads!

I can’t think of a better platform to showcase our young stars. The iconic Seagulls club has been a strong community force in the region for more than 40 years!

This is huge for our community. Huge for our studio. And huge for you guys and your families and friends.

Changing the Industry Dance concert venue from Home of the Arts in Bundall to Seagulls in West Tweed will make your lives so much easier. Seagulls is not only a great place to put on a show but it’s a lot more convenient for us all. It’s closer, on NSW time and tickets are less expensive!

You’ve all been working very hard on this year’s performance. It makes sense to base the concert locally so more of your friends and family are able to attend. We want everyone to see how clever you all are!

Here at Industry Dance, we think there’s no better way to support our community than in showcasing the amazing talents of our young people.

Our end of year concert at Seagulls is a wonderful opportunity to gather friends and families for a really quality show celebrating you all.

So, book your tickets today. Bring your family, your extended family and friends to our wonderful show. We can’t wait to see you!

Tickets are on sale now! book here

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