Frequently Asked Questions


What age do your classes start from?

We teach little ones from just 2 years of age in our Ready Set Dance program and Fairy Ballet giving them a fun introduction to dance.


Does Industry Dance have the Ready Set Dance program?

Yes, we do! If you have an active preschooler who knows all the moves we have the perfect class! Call us for more information about Ready Set Dance and our Fairy Ballet classes today.


What classes do you offer in the performing arts?

Industry Dance offers jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, vocal and acrobatics. Our students have auditioned and won roles in professional productions under the guidance of Industry’s incredible teaching staff.


Do you offer the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus?

Yes, absolutely! We are proud to offer all of our students the Royal Academy of Dance classical syllabus, along with open classes and guest teachers.


Are pointe classes available at Industry Dance?

Yes! This class is a great opportunity to improve strength and technique for pointe work.


My child has never danced before—does this matter?

Not at all, we all have to start somewhere. Our classes are grouped by ages, therefore allowing a mixed ability. With the hard work and dedication of our teachers, we ensure that each child is equipped with the correct information in order to improve and build on those skills.


Do we offer a trial lesson?

Yes, we offer a free trial week for children to come and try any dance styles they are interested in, to ensure they enrol in the classes best fit for them.


Do your students participate in eisteddfods?

Yes! Industry Dance offers all its students' performance opportunities including eisteddfods, exams, shows, revues and concerts. Our Industry Dance Co represents our studio at eisteddfods and various shows and events throughout the year.


Does your dance studio have sprung floors?

Yes, it certainly does! All 3 of our dance and performance studios have sprung timber flooring. Studio 1 and 2 are fully covered with Tarkett and studio 3 has all-purpose flooring.



Is the Industry Dance timetable on NSW time?

Yes! We operate on NSW time and follow NSW school terms. Check out our timetable here.


Do you offer singing classes at Industry Dance?

Yes, of course! Singing boosts confidence and self-esteem. ID’s singing teacher Miss Aleea Middling takes duo and small group singing lessons.


Are acrobatic lessons offered at Industry Dance studio?

Yes! Our exciting acrobatic classes are run by professional acrobat and instructor Melanie Peyton-Smith.


Do you offer aerial arts classes?

Yes, we offer aerial classes including silks and trapeze. Each year we highlight this with their very own end of year concert for family and friends help in the studio


What kind of snack should I be putting in my child’s dance bag to eat in between classes?

Any high-energy fruit is a good choice or cheese and crackers. A handful of nuts or seeds is also a great energy boost. For more snack ideas, check out our interview with naturopath Katrina Ellis.


Can I watch my child's class?
Depending on the child's age this is at the teacher's discretion for their first class. 
After the initial class though parents are not to watch, as it is very distracting for the class. We have an open week in week 10 of every term where parents are welcome to come and see the progress their child has made through the term.

Can my child join ID Company? What does he/she need to do to be considered?
Your child must complete 2 ballet lessons a week as well as all technique classes. We compete in at least 3 eisteddfods annually as well as represent ID at various performances throughout the year.

Does my child need proper dance shoes for their first lesson? If not, when do they need to have them by?
No, dance shoes are not necessary for their first class. Come and try a few classes and see what your child likes.  Ideally, by week 2 or 3 at the very latest, your child will need dance shoes to get the most out of classes.

If I have a private lesson, do I need to compete in a competition?
No, you don’t. Many students have private lessons to work on solo routines for eisteddfods, but others concentrate on their technique and learning new skills in their private lessons. Private lessons are tailored to the individual.




16. What payment systems do you use?

All payments are made via EziDebit and there is an option for weekly or termly upfront payments.


17. I don’t know which class I should enrol my child in, how can I determine that?

If you are unsure about classes we will contact you in order to inform you of the age group and classes your child should be enrolled in. Plus we can arrange a trial week to ensure the class is right for your child.


18. How do I enrol?

After completion of trial week, someone will be in contact with you in regards to filling out a membership form and paying membership fees, along with setting up payment activations.



20. Do you have a uniform? 

Yes we do! There are many uniform options, these are available via our website. Uniform is compulsory as we feel it creates a studio culture and ensures we can identify industry dance students.


21. Is the end of year concert compulsory?

The end of year concert is a great opportunity for the kids to showcase their hard work and be rewarded through the process of performing. Performing in state of the art theatres ensures all children are exposed to being involved in a professional show.  We encourage all children to perform in the concert but it is not compulsory.