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Struggling to find the right dance specialists that can deliver dance in your school?

This program is aligned with the Australian curriculum and ACARA. Let us take the pressure off delivering dance to your students by providing your school with a professional accredited dance teacher that can provide curriculum based lesson plans, assessment and reporting for each student.

Give your before and after school program an exciting boost by offering kids the chance to be active and creative within this time.

More often than not it is our time poor schedules that rob our children the opportunity to Dance. This program assists parents in their frustrations of not being able to provide those vital extra curriculum activities due to their busy work schedules and gives all kids an equal opportunity to dance. Also available for vacation care during the school holidays.

Dance Fit is a team based sport run by professional dance coaches that are trained across multiple dance styles. Dance incorporates many different muscles of the body, improves flexibility and balance and gets your heart pumping!

Our dance sport program will challenge students in their fitness, Creativity, teamwork Precision and educate them on nutrition, self esteem, goal setting and positive mind sets.

We do not want to limit our services to the children of before and after school care.

Dance club can operate before and after school for parents that would like their kids to participate in dance at a recreational level to keep their mind and bodies fit, active and healthy.

Is your school looking to compete in local Eisteddfod competitions? Do you need assistance with your school musical or special end of year performance? Is Wakakirri fast approaching? We have the professionals that can make your school stand out. 

Whether you are looking to prepare a special performance for your class, a full school flash mob or assistance with your graduations. Our Premium programs can assist with choreography, costuming, stage props, training, the works!

This program runs outside of school hours just like dance club only for the more serious dancer that would like to train and perform on more of a competitive level.

This program appeals to students and parents that are longing to take weekly dance lessons but can't commit to a dance studio outside of school. This program allows for all the same benefits offered at a dance studio including performing opportunities, competitions, dance exams and exposure to professional dance training.

Available Services

Curriculum Compliant

Dance Sport


Before & After School care

Dance Club

Dance Academy

Premium Performance


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