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Welcome to 2018 at Industry Dance!

Welcome 2018!

I’m so excited to welcome you all to what is going to be an amazing 2018 at Industry Dance.

Our studio is not just about dancing – it’s a place where students and their families can feel 100 per cent supported as part of a family – think of us as one big, happy, joyful tribe! Our wonderful Dream Team of dance teachers are totally committed to giving your children the chance to shine and explore their talents in the nurturing, creative environment that is Industry Dance.

We are passionate about what we do here and gain enormous satisfaction from watching each child grow in their abilities, confident we are making a difference in the lives of our students and families.

Our students are more likely to reach their full potential because our studio takes its role as part of the wider community, very seriously. Reach out if you need help. We’re all here for you! If you’re new and haven’t had a chance to make yourself at home here, I hope you will come to find that Industry Dance is a very special, loving place, a space where you find people always welcome you with a smile. Here the people you meet not only believe in you but will always encourage you to be the best you can be. It won’t take long before you understand why Industry kids are happy, healthy and love to dance.

If you have sought a studio that offers experienced teaching in all styles of dance from jazz, tap, musical theatre, RAD ballet, contemporary, lyrical, acrobatics, circus, aerial, hip hop and performance to Ready, Set, Dance and Fairy Ballet for pre-schoolers, all with experienced, qualified teachers – then you have come to the right place.

Our innovative and experienced teaching staff will not just carefully develop your child’s creativity, we will cater to your child’s individual strengths and interests in all areas of dance and the performing arts. Our aim is to ensure everyone in our dance family is supported in achieving their goals - whether it’s a student perfecting a new dance technique or a new mum signing up for one of our killer body barre classes!

As director of Industry Dance, I will make every effort to ensure your children and extended family feel welcomed and supported at the studio, while making sure we are having a lot of fun, too.

I have seen many lasting friendships begin inside these studio walls, goals achieved and dreams come true and I can’t wait to make some more wonderful memories with you.

I’m so ready to take on 2018. Let’s do it!

Dream. Believe. Succeed.


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