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Why Acrobatics Is Great For Dancers

Industry Dance acrobatics classes are a fantastic way to increase flexibility, over-all co-ordination and improve body strength for dancing.

Industry Dance’s amazing acro coach Melanie Peyton-Smith, a professional acrobatics performer and trick rider in the Australian Outback Spectacular, says acrobatic training produces well-rounded, more confident dance students.

“Acro-training is particularly beneficial for dancers. It gives them awareness of their body and strength and power for performing leaps and different dance tricks,” says Melanie.

The dance world is constantly evolving, and the age a dancer is introduced to acro can make an enormous difference to their skill set.

“When they are introduced early their strength and technique gives a great base for their bodies to build on,” says Melanie.

Basic beginner classes, following a safe age appropriate progression, can be introduced at the age of four or five.