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Part Two - How Can Dancers Keep Healthy?

Last week we brought you Part One of an interview with Gold Coast naturopath Katrina Ellis, who so very generously shared her thoughts and knowledge regarding what our dance students need to fuel their active bodies. Our discussion about nutrients and nutrient deficiencies has totally raised my awareness of the healing role of vitamins and minerals. I am deeply grateful and delighted to be able to bring you Part Two of my interview with Katrina Ellis ND.

Children generally are picky eaters. How do you know if your child is lacking in a certain vitamin or mineral? What are the tell tale signs?

A symptom of zinc deficiency in children is fussiness and being picky with food, an iron deficiency creates apathy towards eating and darkness under the eyes and chromium deficiency causes kids to run for sugar or carbohydrates. At my health centre, we use a TGA approved medical device from Germany that can detect mineral deficiencies in a child within ten seconds – this allows us to pinpoint the exact mineral or vitamin problem. If you do not have access to something like this, it is important for parents to watch out for symptoms or signs of a deficiency:

Vitamin C deficiency causes easy bruising, injuries, colds and flus, frequent illness, easily tired

Magnesium deficiency causes cramps, sore muscles, moodiness, low energy, restless sleep

Iodine deficiency causes dreaminess, lack of focus, foggy thinking, low energy, weight gain

If your child is not her normal bubbly, effervescent and energised self (as children should naturally be) or they are not sleeping well, and are very moody and are just off, consistently, then the signs are pointing to a simple nutrient deficiency. There are pathology tests that can pinpoint the exact problem and correct it.

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