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Why perform in dance competitions?

Our hard working company students are preparing for their very last dance competition of the year at View Dance Challenge at the Nerang Bicentennial Centre on Saturday.

While competitions are an awesome opportunity to show everyone what amazing talent we have here at Industry Dance, our students never fail to shine off stage, too. We are rarely prouder than when we see how supportive our Industry Dance company students are toward one another and other dance studios.

They also continue to amaze us with their consistently strong performances, discipline and incredible team spirit – skills continuously honed through competing in these regular competitions.

There are many reasons why Industry Dance regularly competes in eisteddfods and competitions throughout the year - and here are just a few:

  • Nerves and anxiety are everyday emotions that can get out of control if we don’t learn how to deal with them. Stepping onto the stage takes courage and confidence and skills to cope with those butterflies.

  • Life sometimes hands you lemons. We don’t always win, but winning isn’t everything. Dance eisteddfods teach you to accept defeat with grace and dignity rather than a sour attitude.

  • Learning to work as a team is a life lesson and dance requires everyone to commit 100 per cent to achieve the perfect routine. We all know how hard it is to rehearse when someone is missing or not putting in their best effort—team work is everything!

  • Perfecting a series of dance routines for a dance competition takes discipline and determination. Competing in eisteddfods teaches you to work hard — a strong work ethic will help you achieve outside the dance studio.

  • The more opportunities we get to perform on stage the more polished your performances will be. Eisteddfods are a great way to hone your dancing skills.

  • We all know how important it is to be organised for an eisteddfod. There’s so many costume changes and hair and make-up adjustments to make throughout the day. Eisteddfods teach us to be masters at planning and preparation.

  • Self-reflection is an important tool for us all to acquire. Competing develops the ability to self-assess. Our students learn to ask themselves questions about their performances. They learn to congratulate themselves on their strengths while also thinking about where they could improve.

Whatever the results we are so proud of our students and everything that competitions have taught them this year. Go ID!

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