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2018 Dance Concert Season

Hey dance stars!

Concert season is about to begin – hot on the heels of the Gold Coast Eisteddfod at HOTA last weekend — our ID Co girls were so amazing—coming away with two seconds and a very highly commended against some mega competition.

Next up are our performances at Tweed City this Saturday the 25th August from 11am as part of their Big Change For Small Change fundraising day for the Children's ward at Tweed Heads Hospital — what a great chance to delight and impress our local community with our amazing dance skills and hone our performance skills for these exciting concerts coming up:


10am Sunday 28th October

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School


6.45pm Thursday 1st November Industry Dance Studio

Elements - iDANCE 2018 CONCERT

Wednesday 28th Nov


Tickets for all events on sale soon!

I know this time of year can get a little crazy for our Industry Dance family in Tweed and I just want to let you know we’ve always got your back!

The costumes are going to be amazing for our upcoming concerts and you’re all dancing like the stars you are!! I know the pressure of doing well can be a little overwhelming, so I want to remind you to have fun. Remember how hard you’ve worked to get to this moment and enjoy your performances!

Sometimes the best way to be happy in the moment is to ensure you are totally prepared for concert day.

A well-organised dance bag is one way to eliminate stress. I recommend quite a big bag, with plenty of pockets and zips to ensure everything is easy to find and secure.

Here’s what should be inside:

  • Dance shoes

  • Costumes

  • Make-up bag with everything you need for touch ups including brushes, bronzer, blush, mascara and bright red lipstick

  • Bobby pins

  • Hair nets

  • Hair spray

  • Deodorant

  • Makeup removing wipes

  • Industry Dance T shirt and Industry Dance hoody

  • Nutritious snacks like bananas, green apples, sugar and gluten free energy bars, cheese and crackers.

  • A bottle of water

Once you get to the venue, an organized bag means you can focus on your performance. So, remember:

  • Point your feet when you jump and when you turn!

  • Bored faces will bore the audience so remember to smile! Practice your biggest grins in the mirror leading up to concert day.

  • Clean, neat costumes, are essential as there’s no excuses for ripped stockings or dangling threads.

  • Immaculate makeup and hair are very important so practice, practice, practice your buns and eye makeup.

  • Good manners may seem obvious but it’s very important to show appreciation to your mums and dads for getting you to dance practice and concert days!!

  • Last but not least, performance and technique go hand in hand, so perfect your routine, don’t miss any dance classes and dazzle the audience with that special brand of Industry Dance pizzazz.


Miss Casey

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