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Learn To Sing at Industry Dance

There are many reasons to learn the right way to belt out a tune. As dancers we love to be triple threats, performers who can sing, dance and act. Just imagine one day being the pop star that has mastered all three techniques – no lip-syncing required!

Singing is a wonderful form of self-expression and is a major part of school life. If you want to be in the school choir or win a part in the school musical, singing lessons may give you that little bit something extra you need to ace the audition.

Building confidence and self-esteem, while improving diction, posture and articulation, learning to sing will give you the conviction required to nail that nerve-wracking school speech, too.

Whether you sing off key or have perfect pitch, ID studio’s super talented, qualified singing teacher, Miss Aleea Middling, will have you crooning in no time. She says anyone can sing – so don’t be shy!

“Some people can sing better than others, mind you, but everyone can sing. All it takes is the will to learn,” she says,

“Singing lessons are a great way to learn about all facets of music: from different time signatures to recognising your vocal register, to learning how to harmonise. Most importantly, singing lessons really help to build confidence.”

Miss Aleea says singing can also make you feel good, releasing natural endorphins that help you relax.

“When we sing our subconscious takes over and it's amazing how when focusing on a song, our anxieties drift away,” she says.

“Singing is a very relaxing activity. One of the first things I teach is how to breathe correctly. Teaching how to breathe from the diaphragm and deeply, keeping the shoulders lowered and filling your lungs up like a balloon. After a few months of breathing with this technique, you start to breath like this naturally.”

Miss Aleea says taking singing lessons can also be a great accompaniment to learning to play most musical instruments. Imagine singing along to your favourite song while you strum away on the guitar or play the piano?

“At Industry Dance we also offer duo and small group singing lessons. If the price is too high for an individual lesson, I’d love for you to come with a friend and share the experience!” she says.

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