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How Can Dancers Keep Healthy?

Industry Dance students are active, growing kids - developing their muscles and their brains. I was fortunate enough to corner the Gold Coast’s legendary health guru, Katrina Ellis, over a nutritious lunch (of course!) and I asked her how we can ensure our gorgeous young dancers get the best start for their developing bodies. I regard Katrina’s wealth of knowledge on matters regarding nutrition highly and I could not bear to leave out a word of her wise advice. Here is Part One. Look out for Part Two next week.


Dancing is one of the most demanding sports out there. What are the best vitamins for children – kids at the studio are aged from five years up to late teens? What are your top three nutrients?

Nutrients obtained from healthy foods are essential to a child’s growth and sports performance. It is so difficult for me to choose the three most important nutrients essential to a child’s health, as there are so many important nutrients needed to ensure optimal development. The most important are definitely Vitamin A, C and D, B vitamins, magnesium, iodine, zinc and iron, but every nutrient plays an important role in creating a happy and strong child. Some of my top fav’s are:

MAGNESIUM helps to relax muscles and nerves, improves sleep and moods in kids, acts as an electrolyte to stop dehydration, provides healthy support for growing bones and helps to release energy from foods. Without magnesium, kids get moody, tired, cranky, cramps, poor sleep and sore muscles. So it makes sense as to why so many growing kids need this mineral. If you can’t get a magnesium capsule or powder into your child, try using a magnesium spray or roll on or even magnesium baths to give back the yummy magnesium that will make your child happy and stress free.

IODINE is often overlooked in this world, yet it is one of the most common deficiencies seen in Australian children. Iodine helps with a child’s growth, development, intelligence, energy and radiation protection against iPads, computers and mobile phones. If a child is deficient in iodine they become tired, dreamy, forgetful, they lack concentration and will not perform as well or as energetically as they should. It is particularly important for girls when they become teenagers, as they need this for healthy hormones, moods and energy.

PROBIOTICS are not really a vitamin or mineral, but are essential to ideal health, happiness and imm