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10 reasons to thank our Mums

Mother’s Day is coming up and I couldn’t think of a better time to say thanks to our awesome Industry mums for all they do to keep our wonderful dance family going strong. Industry mums are our greatest fans and we can’t say thank you enough: they are the best cheer squad we could ask for.

Without dance mums, I’m not sure how you would all get here to class and to performances, your makeup so beautifully applied and hair looking great. Dancing keeps you fit but your mums are the ones who make sure you have the stamina to do a class – Industry mums make sure you get to bed early and have enough snacks in your dance bag to keep you going after school!

Of course, there are loads of reasons to say thankyou to Industry mums, and I know you will let your mum know the extra special reasons you think she’s the best this Mother’s Day. In the meantime, our dancers want to say thankyou to Industry Mums for:

1. Driving us to and from the studio almost every day of the week.

2. Always listening and being so excited and interested when we talk to you about everything going on at the studio and letting us demonstrate our pirouettes in the living room.

3. Buying our great dance bags with all the cool compartments for all the super dance accessories you buy us – even when you remind us that we’ve got enough stuff!

4. Sewing ribbons on our ballet shoes and sequins on our costumes– and getting so excited when we go en pointe for the first time!

5. Packing our lunchboxes with nutritious food for dance class, performances and eisteddfods – and extra thanks for the chocolate bars when you’re feeling generous…

6. Making our annoying brothers go to the end of year concert and reminding them that we have to go to their footy games!

7. Doing our hair and make up for dance performances and always making us feel like a star on stage.

8. Always offering kind words, a hug (and an ice pack) when we’ve got an injury and for telling us to toughen up when we’re just feeling sorry for ourselves!

9. For showing us how much you love us, and our dance school, on Facebook and Instagram – we love how proud you are of us!

10. And mostly, for being our greatest fans – for coming to open days and being so proud of us, for waiting, so patiently, in the car or in the studio foyer, while we finish our class.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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