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Meet Miss Ally - ID’s new senior ballet teacher

Miss Ally Industry Senior Ballet Teacher

Industry Dance prides itself on being a studio that is pirouettes apart from the pack and this high level of professionalism starts with the Dream Team – our passionate instructors who live to rock your dance world week to week – encouraging you to Dream. Believe. Succeed.. Meet Miss Ally, who, this term, adds senior ballet to her hectic ID schedule. Miss Ally tells us she expects high standards from her students but assures us that she sets the barre highest for herself.

Miss Ally, a former law student, works to motivate her students to be the best they can be. She says the key is in encouraging young dancers to find, within themselves, what they need to succeed. She works with students to push their own boundaries in a safe environment. “The best thing about teaching ballet is developing personal style. Whilst ballet is strict, there is a sense of freedom and love that can be expressed and it is magical watching kids find that spark,” she says.

“Having performed professionally, I believe that my passion for performance will inspire kids to perform everyday in class and find the joy that is so vivid and evident on stage come performance time.

“I look forward to sharing my passion within the safe and supportive environment Industry provides. Technique in ballet is fundamental but the emotional quality of ballet has an equally powerful influence and needs to be given the space to be carefully nurtured.”

Miss Ally has introduced peer reflection into her classes. This method gives students the opportunity to provide positive and constructive feedback to classmates. “By doing this we are creating a safe environment for the kids to share their ideas and develop their technique and communication,” she says. Speaking of safety, Miss Ally stresses that safe dance practice is a number one priority in her classes and she has developed a series of Pilates-based exercises within a dance context to build strength. “This will help ensure students build the adequate strength required to perform,” she says.

Miss Ally started dancing at the age of six, although she didn’t take up ballet until the ripe old age of 11. “It took me all of one class, and I was hooked – my dream of pursuing a career in dance has never changed from that moment. ” Industry is very fortunate that Miss Ally’s foray into the legal profession ended because she could never shake off her absolute love of dance. “Each time I would watch a performance I would fall in love with the idea of a dance career all over again,” she says.

The highlight so far of Miss Ally’s ID experience has been seeing the professionalism and excitement in her students the day of RAD ballet exams. “While I am positive there are many nervous girls – myself included - the girls are beautifully composed,” she says. “The close bond of the friendships formed here has been another highlight of my experience at Industry.” Miss Ally says she is also impressed with the friendly, inclusive nature of our gorgeous ID students. “The kids are always willing to share heir latest school stories with myself and their classmates,” she says. “The students made my birthday very special this year, organizing a birthday circle of beautifully hand written cards. I can’t express how lovely and kind this was - not seen in other schools.”

Before joining the ID team, Miss Ally worked with a Polish neoclassical/contemporary choreographer at the Beijing International Dance Festival. The piece was performed by the world-renowned LDTX contemporary company in China. “I have a soft spot for neoclassical works. Two ballets I absolutely adore are, Amelia, by the Canadian Company Lalala Human Steps and Australia Ballet’s, Infra, a piece choreographed by Wayne McGregor, composed by Max Richter, who is possibly my favorite composer.” “Neoclassical work combines of classical ballet and athleticism while exposing raw emotion. Whilst classical ballet aims to mask the 'true beauty or ugliness' of ballet, neoclassical works enhance this beauty and often depict real relationships. “ When Miss Ally isn’t focused on dance, you will find her either outdoors, exercising or shopping – she loves fashion and fabrics. “I also love running, hiking, paddle boarding, barre classes and hot yoga. Sitting down and relaxing is not in my vocabulary!”

Ally Frazer studied Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) at QUT in Brisbane during. She also completed her RAD teachers certificate through the university in 2016.

Ally has had the opportunity to work with and have works created for her year group during her studies by choreographers and professional dancers from Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra, Expressions Dance Company, Queensland Ballet, the Australian Ballet and Dance North. As part of the degree Ally took part in the Beijing Dance Festival in 2015 working with choreographers from Poland, Spain, America and China. Ally also had the opportunity to participate in a secondment at Sydney Dance Company and Expressions Dance Company in 2015.

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