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Meet Miss Aleea Middling

When it comes to being an awesome dancer, there’s no such thing as taking shortcuts. Dancing takes discipline, hard work and determination.

Just ask ID’s resident “jack-of-all-trades” Miss Aleea, who has danced almost every day of her life, despite being born with a health condition that may have ruled out a dance career for most.

Miss Aleea has good advice for her beloved students – guidance in line with our Industry Dance motto to Dream. Believe. Succeed.

“Dream big,” she says.

“Set your goals higher than you ever imagined. Believe in yourself, you can make it happen. Succeed with hard work and patience. Dance is a discipline, you can’t take shortcuts,” she says.

Miss Aleea knows her stuff; she was born with a sickled right foot. Her parents put her into dancing classes at the age of two to help with treatment, little knowing she would go on to become a professional dancer.

“At two I was too young for the baby classes, so naturally my mother lied and told them I was three so I could join the next class up!” she says.