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The Triple Threat

Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake and Rhonda Burchmore all have something in common. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed they excel in singing, dancing and acting, then you guessed right.

There are plenty of actors who can sing but only a select few who can dance too – and when they do - they are held in the highest regard within the industry – and become some of the biggest earners! These star performers are known as triple threats.

Hugh Jackman has made no secret of the fact he regrets not taking dancing lessons sooner. When he was 10 a teacher told him he should sign up for dance class but he didn’t because his brother told him dancing was for sissies. He finally took up lessons - at the age of 18.

So, are you a dancer who sings, a singer who acts or an actor who can dance? Or do you think you have what it takes to conquer all three skills? Mastering all three means you are a triple threat and this combined expertise is becoming more and more the norm if you’re thinking about a career as a performer. You simply have to think of the talented actors in your favourite musicals to understand why those triple threats nail the auditions every time – imagine High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 without the amazing triple threat talents of Zac Efron?!

Here at Industry Dance we have a brilliant team who are trained in the full range of performance techniques. There is an expert is at the helm of every class held at the studio - from musical theatre to ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and singing.

Singing, dancing and acting at the same time requires great breath control. Dancers often breathe high in their chest so its important to learn how to focus on breathing lower in your diaphragm to support your vocal technique.

When it comes to dancing as a triple threat you have to remember to dance as your character would – it’s not just about doing the moves. The good thing about being a dancer is that your dance experience allows you to be a better actor - dancers have a connection to their bodies that other actors don’t necessarily have. Dancers are generally more comfortable in their own skin.

Which leads me back to ballet. I can not stress enough that ballet is truly the foundation of all dance. Triple threats with strong ballet training will almost always knock the competition out of the water! You also have to make sure your dance training covers all techniques – as ballet, jazz and tap are absolute essentials.

You might not be the best singer but if you are able to knock the audience’s socks off with your acting or dancing then get ready for an Oscar! Remember if you make your audience feel great - you can honestly connect with them - then you have done your job – you’re a star!

The versatility of the triple threat allows the performer to act on stage or in front of a camera. If you want to be a performer you are going to want to stand out - and the best way to do that is to be an all singing, all dancing, acting phenomenon! So, start honing those three skills as soon as you possibly can!

Dream. Believe. Succeed.


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