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Welcome To Our New Weekly Blog

We will bring you stories about the committed members of our Dream Team – the Rock Stars of ID - the passionate instructors who live to rock your dance world every week. And while you learn more about your instructors, they’ll learn more about YOU, the paparazzi, also known as the fabulous ID students! We’ll keep our wonderful dance family close through sharing stories and photos as you learn and develop as dancers in class and attend rehearsals for every upcoming concert.

The blog will also introduce you to members of our extended ID family: the health experts, the hair and make up artists, the costume designers – the pros that keep this studio rolling. We’ll talk to professional dancers and choreographers and ask them how they made it to the top of their fields. The blog will keep you informed regarding a variety of different topics to ensure you are healthy inside and out and ready, physically and mentally, for every single class.

Growing up as part of a big family – I was one of four kids - my parents sacrificed a lot to get me to dance practice. Mum would clean the studio after hours to pay for lessons. I am forever grateful to my parents because dance has set me up for life, made me stronger emotionally and physically. It’s given me a career as a professional dancer, a teacher and now as a principal of a dance company. Learning to dance is a privilege. I feel so fortunate I was given the opportunity and realize how lucky I was.

While dance is my life, having two daughters, Indya and Sabra, totally re-choreographed my world! I thank my background in dance for giving me the resilience to be a working parent, for helping me find the balance between work and motherhood. Luckily my girls love coming to the studio and love to dance.

Dance is about hard work but it’s also a lot about imagination!