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Share The Magic - idance 2017

As our society becomes increasingly addicted to our smart phones, more and more we are missing out on real connection.

And, if you are craving real connection in this hyper-digital era there’s no better way to find it than in supporting the arts.

Now more than ever, there’s something magical about a gathering of humans: the buzz, the interaction, the stimulation, the laughter, cheers and storm of applause when a group of like minded people get together.

Industry Dance’s 2017 production Act Like A Beauty, Dance Like Beast, at the Gold Coast Arts Centre tomorrow (Wednesday November 29) at 7:15pm (NSW) will provide us with one of those wonderful opportunities to gather and feel that magic.

Our studio’s amazing young people have been rehearsing all year for this marvellous, gutsy production and I’m so proud of them. The students are bursting with excitement and so am I! Without overthinking what you might get out of tomorrow’s dance performance – I can assure you of one important thing: you will walk away entertained and impressed. Seated in one of the most beautiful venues in the region and in the company of a special group of people who value the arts, you won’t be disappointed. Surrounded by an audience who values the importance of supporting local talent you will be so happy you came. You will be amongst those in our community who encourage our youth, so thank you for buying your tickets and thank you for supporting our show.

Think about arriving a little early, mingling with the crowd and feeling the spark of anticipation, like electricity around you. It’s going to be a first class show – with a few surprises in store. Thank you in advance for bringing your family and friends and get ready for a series of tightly crafted performances guaranteed to knock off your socks.

Let yourselves be swept away by the dance.


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