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Time To Build Our Tribe

Industry Dance Tribe

I have built a strong tribe of loyal friends and family throughout my life. They have provided a soft landing for me when life has thrown its challenges my way. I feel so fortunate to have their support. The idea of community, or family, is so essential to growth in dance, life, everything. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by amazing mentors and other supportive people.

We’ve all heard the saying, it takes a village, and it’s true.

For our students to reach their full potential it’s important to not just support them but their families as well.

If we treat each other like family – remembering to build one another up – it’s always going to be better.

So, it’s time to build our tribe.

Working from a solid base of compassion, our studio will be offering more and more events to support not only our students but their families as well, because ultimately, it really does take a village to raise a child.

The ID tribe continues to thrive because it’s built on a foundation of care. From our gorgeous preschoolers enrolled in Ready Set Dance to our wonderful mums taking part in Defi Barre classes on Monday nights as part of ID Adult Fitness, we are all a part of the ID Family. This Studio prides itself on being a place where you can always find support. The Industry Dance team is your number one cheer squad, here to help you reach your goals – whatever they may be.

One of our first events, aimed at building relationships within our ID Family, was Getting Unstuck. This event, hosted by the amazing Emma Walkinshaw in the first week back at Industry, was a tremendous success – the parents who attended walked away feeling empowered and inspired. Yay! Goals! So now the plan is to hold more events like this throughout the year – so stay tuned!

It’s important for us all to have opportunities to gather and connect. When we see our friends and family it’s so important to show how happy we feel to be with them. There is never a moment to regret showing care and compassion.

Remember, your ID family has always got your back.



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