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Emily Rigby: Living the Dream

Growing up, Emily Rigby dreamed of her name in lights, her performing ambitions nurtured and encouraged by the supportive staff at Industry Dance .

Today, at the age of 21, Emily is well on her way to becoming the professional dancer she always wanted to be. She is honing her craft in Sydney with daily dance lessons while teaching dance to help pay tuition fees.

“I’m working toward my major dream of a contract overseas,” she says.

“An overseas contract performing would be the best. I see myself moving to London in the next few years to continuing learning and finding inspiration in the company of so many talented people.”

Emily credits her time at Industry Dance for preparing her mentally, physically and professionally for the hard toil of a dancers’ life.

“Industry taught me how to handle myself in class, in a professional gig and also how to look after myself in every aspect,” she said.

“The supportive and positive atmosphere of the studio is something special. You are never judged at Industry, or misguided, everyone supports each other and you are constantly being encouraged in a creative way.”

Emily says moving to Sydney has only enriched her skills; she considers continuing her training in the harbour city the best decision she ever made.

“’I have matured not only as a person but also as a performer,” she says.

“Everyday I’m dancing and singing. I’m taking as many